: UNICORN MIST: body + space & mind


Image of : UNICORN MIST: body + space & mind

A collective dream of Unicorns, forests, flowers, and streams.
Making sweet dreams come true. A majestic sort of mind with a treasured aroma of sweet, minty dew drops + bright & floral aromas finishing with a citrus explosion.

Happiness in a glass bottle.

Ritual >
Body + Space + Mind mist to brighten & love on all things in the earthen world.
Shake well to activate, separation is natural. Mist as desired and inhale with confidence & grace.
Please keep out of direct sunlight.

Made of >
Herbal floral water, distilled H20, organic vegetable glycerin, violet extract, elderberry extract, organic sunflower seed oil, decly glucoside, earth mica, radish root ferment.

notes >
sweet orange / grapefruit / rosemary / spearmint / lime / lavender / patchouli / ylang ylang / petitgrain