:FOOT + LEG SOAK: lavender + mint & lemongrass

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Enliven tired, swollen, achy feet in a meditative effervescent salt soak. I think feet are a beautiful part of the body, though most hide their feet I bet after a couple treatments with this soak you'll be comfortable enough to show them off! So treat your feet right and you will find relief of your tired, rough, itchy, callused, abused & neglected feet.

Feel renewed after soaking your feet in nourishing & detoxifying salts of Dead Sea, Magnesium Chloride flakes, Himalayan Pink, fine grade Epsom Salt, Seaweed Powder, a powerful & effective cleansing & exfoliating agent, along with a soothing blend of herbs & flowers all to make your feet feel like heaven. Extremely beneficial in warming cold feet!

For an extra-special treatment, after using this soak try using a pumice stone to buff away any rough areas & calluses.