Our Story

Wildroots was born in the farm fields of Wisconsin, springtime of 2011. Now based in Duluth, Minnesota, our creator Megan hand-crafts each and every one of her products in small batches with the purest ingredients.  Many of the plants and flowers used in the Wildroots products line are grown, dried and saved in her own backyard.   But no matter where the ingredients come from, they are guaranteed to be purchased through sustainable and ethical suppliers and whenever possible are sourced from the same fields in which the seed of Wildroots was first planted.

We craft small-batch, super luxe body care treatments from SEED-TO-SKIN using simple and pure ingredients inspired by nature, and make product, label product, and ship product in house.

 Most of our ingredients are used in raw form, and remain as close as possible to their natural state.  They may be infused in oils, alcohols, and waters or dried for later use but always carefully selected for their healing effects on the skin and body.

Our commitment to you is to create the best skin care products we can. Most importantly, know your skin, know your ingredients and don’t use anything you don’t personally feel comfortable with.