W I L D  R O O T S  products are inspired by nature and the healing properties of herbal plants & flowers.  Each product is carefully formulated to nurture your skin, body, & mind.  I pride myself in using only natural & nourishing ingredients free of synthetic fragrances & dyes.

Many of the herbs used in my skin care line have been grown, dried, & saved by myself and dear friend over at RARE EARTH FARM in Belgium, Wisconsin.  All other herbs are purchased through sustainable & ethical suppliers.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota my products are ALL HAND-CRAFTED, ALL THE TIME and made in small batches, at home, with my 1 year old by my side.

Natural & organic products should be used within 6 months of purchase.  The oils are naturally long lasting but as with all products of this nature, less preservatives means a shorter shelf-life.  Use your goods regularly!  Personally, I want my beauty products fresh, especially for my skin and I have a feeling you do too.  Please keep this in mind when your purchase and use your products.

Lastly, and most importantly, know your skin, know your ingredients & don't use anything you don't personally feel comfortable with.

~Megan, Crafter of super luxe body treatments